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NMN, Resveratrol & Berberine Power Pack - Nicotinamide Mononucleotide Direct NAD+ Supplement (2X 125mg Capsules 60ct) Resveratrol 1500mg (x3 500mg Capsules 90ct) Berberine (500mg Capsules 90ct)

The Power of Three! Why NMN, Resveratrol & Berberine is a Powerful Combination

So far, at least three major longevity pathways have been identified by researchers. The SIRTUIN gene regulators that silence genes and repair DNA, the AMPK activated pathway, and the mTOR pathway which influences cell division and growth.

The power of three, positively promote these synergistic pathways to better our chances of a favorable outcome when supplemented together. NMN is excellent, as it provides the fuel for Sirtuins and the substrate for DNA repair. However, Resveratrol is also very important as it independently activates Sirtuins and to a lesser extent, inhibits mTOR activity. Finally, Berberine which is one of the better studied natural plant extracts is a good AMPK activator that stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis and offers other benefits by turning on genes similar to those turned on by exercise.